Phantom of the Opera Tribute Film 1993 and Christine Dress

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Phantom and Christine movie and Christine Dress  by Leigh Allan

Leigh Phantom



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This 34 minute film was made (single handedly) in the old days, 1993, the hard way before technology set in. What can be done in a few days now took 90 hours at the time, and that was just the editing. I hope you'll watch this film to the climatic end. Although made by an amateur, it was an effort of love and passion.

Do you recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera musical in the early 90's performed by the original (and best) Phantom, Michael Crawford and his Christine, Sarah Brightman? I know many of you do. You will also know how magical those early days were and understand why this little tribute film had to be made back then. I hope you like it now and will accept it as it is. Thank you.

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Leigh's Christine Dress

Phantom rose


A friend models the Christine dress worn in the film.

The delicate Christine dress (originally made for a production of The Bride of Frankenstein), was found in a theatre costume department and is more than 40 years old. It's made up of several gowns, including parts of a wedding dress, and trimmed in handmade satin roses, laces, ribbons and tulle.


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