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Leigh Allan
Leigh Allan
Originals by LE

Growing up in an artistic family has its advantages and in 1975 while raising two children in northern Arizona, I tried my hand at sculpting in clay which became a full time occupation for the next - well, let's just say many many years - and still part time today.
Over that time I enjoyed creating whimsical miniature figurines and jewellery for galleries, boutiques, celebrities and collectors across the USA and around the world. Eventually I added 18-inch doll sculptures with the focus mainly on the Phantom of the Opera, a character that continues to inspire, (and haunt me) mainly due to Michael Crawford's Phantom. There is only one.

2000 saw a major change in direction as I married and joined my British husband Robert in operating our multimedia company, Heartland Productions in enchanting Cornwall, England. Now I do a little of everything from filming and editing to writing a children's book based on my beloved Ravensbreath Ghost Orphan characters who also haunt me daily. There you can see the small ghost dolls made from the same polymer clay as the Phantom pieces. There are large just cloth Ghost Dolls versions also.
To view some Highlights from my long career, please go to my Originals by LE website.

I hope you enjoy visiting the Phantom of the Opera Doll website and please email me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. I would love hearing from you.

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